CNC machining in Madrid. Precision technological solutions

+7.000 m² of facilities in the Community of Madrid


Tools, Processes, Programmes and Quality Plans, methods and procedures, computer-assisted (CAD/CAM). Editing of plans, photos and virtual 3D animations.


We specialise in the manufacture of mechanical and hydraulic components and sub-assemblies.

CNC Machining

High-speed, precision milling with palletised machinery. For all types of materials and production rates.

CNC turning

Multi-tasking turning technology applications for all types of materials and production rates.

CNC grinding

Cylindrical, both indoor and outdoor, with high speed and surprising precision.


We have a team of technicians specialised in manual welding, as well as robotic machinery.


Our technicians and specialists are able to carry out the assembly of elaborate mechanical and hydraulic assemblies.

Heat and Surface Treatments:

Grabado láser, deshidrogenados, aliviados de tensiones de aceros. Chorreado, vibrado y limpieza por ultrasonidos.

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