We offer our clients the best services and technological solutions,

on our 4,700 m² modern facilities

 equipped with high-end technology and maximum workload machinery.


Tools, processes, quality programs and planning, methods and procedures, computer aided (CAD/CAM). Plans, photos and 3D virtual animations.


We specialize in the manufacturing of elements as well as mechanical and hydraulic subsets.

CNC machining:

High speed and precision milling with palletized machinery. Suitable for all kinds of materials and production rates.

CNC lathing:

Technological tool shaping procedures for all kinds of materials and production rates.

CNC grinding:

Cylindrical grinding, both interior and exterior, working at the highest speed and with the utmost precision.


We offer a team of technicians specialized in hand welding as well as robotic machinery.


Our technicians and professionals are qualified to carry out complex hydraulic and mechanical equipment/machinery.

Thermal and surface treatment:

We offer both dehydrogenation as well as steel tension relieved treatment. Vibration, blasting (coating) and ultrasound cleansing also available.